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Cold Water Challenge For Cancer

Cold Water Challenge Draws Concern

ELMIRA (WENY) -- People across the country are accepting this new social media challenge called the 24 Hour Cold Water Challenge.
     Some are doing it for fun and others to support cancer.
     But some officials are concerned that people are putting themselves in danger.
     "It was very personal for me at the time," said A'Don Allen, who accepted the challenge. "So, the water was freezing cold but I would do it again."
     Suffering for a moment for those suffering with cancer.
     Allen and his wife Michelle accepted the challenge for a close friend battling cancer.
     When nominated, the nominee has 24 - hours to jump into any cold body of water or donate money to a cancer charity of their choice.
     Michelle used this challenge as a teaching method for her cheerleaders at Elmira Express.
     They jumped and donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation.
     "For them, anytime they can raise awareness on any subject, by doing group funny, crazy or wild. It's always a good thing," said Michelle.
     The challenge may be for a good cause but officials say jumping in large bodies of water can be very dangerous.
     "Add in the cold water that zaps all your energy," said Jim Pfiffer, Executive Director of Friends of The Chemung River Watershed. "That's a recipe for death."
     Pfiffer says raising money for cancer is important but being safe should be the top priority.
     One person in Michigan was hospitalized after jumping in shallow water when participating in this challenge.
     "It's nice to be creative but boy is that dangerous," said Pfiffer. "Especially if you're doing it without trained personnel around or someone to pull you out."
     Those who have participated in the challenge say safety is important.
     Some Southern Tier Cold Water Challengers are having a fundraiser for those who don't want to jump.
     "So far they raised, 18- hundred dollars in less than five days," said Kelly Nichols.
     "It is endorsed by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and they are the umbrella organization," said Henry Stoll. "They accept all of the fundraising. This is just a local version"
     Her friend Cassie Stone, saw the challenge on social media and decided to go on booster.com and create "I survived the 24 - Hour Cold Water Challenge" shirts. All proceeds go to cancer charities.
     Stone and other supporters are putting on a fundraiser in Lindley, New york on May 24th at the Green Shingles. There will be music and raflfles. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

     Here is the link to the Cold Water T-shirt. https://www.booster.com/24hourcoldwater

     *Kelly Nichols (correction in video)