Common Core at Corning-Painted Post

Common Core in Corning

June 5, 2013

PAINTED POST -- (WENY) "The loss of local control, the loss of my right as a parent and the United States to direct the education of my child," said Lisa Johnson, parent of two children at the Corning-Painted Post School District.
      She is one very concerned parent. Her kids are part of Common Core pilot program in the Corning-Painted Post School District and she is not happy about the new plan.
     "I'm very concerned about my children's future, the data mining will track them from birth through the work force and by middle school,  the children will be geared towards a particular path like in other countries in the world," Johnson added. 
     Common Core is a set of national educational standards. Defined as:
sharing a common definition of readiness at each grade level by working backward based on the demands of college and careers. It's designed to be uniform across the US.
     The Corning-Painted Post School District is in the beginning stages of implementing the program.
     Johnson said, "it has been forced on everyone. It has been forced on our school district and forced on our parents."
     Kerry Hochreiter, Director of Elementary Education, helped present the update tonight and says the kids love it.
     "You're seeing rich discussions, you're seeing student discussion. And our kids are loving it," said Hochreiter. 
     But some parents who showed up at this board meeting aren't loving it.
     "The parents are here tonight to stand up doing the right thing and we're hoping that our school board will do the same," said Johnson.
     Johnson says a lot of parents feel the same way. They're banding together in an effort to convince the board, common core is not the way to go.