Community Trash Clean Up

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Community Trash Clean Up

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Providing opportunity while cleaning up the community, Chemung ARC alongside Friends of the Chemung River Watershed will be removing trash from the Lackawanna Rail Trail this Saturday in honor of Earth Day.
     "This is not just a one shot thing," said Michael Doherty, Executive Director of Chemung ARC. "This is something we want to partner with moving forward. It gives more people more opportunities to be in the community and to participate in the community."
     But This is much more than a clean up.
     Chemung ARC  workers say this new colloborative event will give people a chance to interact with those who have disabilities. In hopes they'll see them in a different light.
     "The people we support are bringing something to the table," said Doherty. "You know, they can offer their talents and their skills and people can get the chance to learn that people with disabilitIes do have talents and skills and not the disabIlity."
     More than 70 volunteers will be out on Saturday. They're expected to clean up over 700 pounds of trash as well as learn about the trails history.
     "So that history, of the actual formation of elmira, and of this community, and the history dealing with the revolutionary war and the civil war and so on, is wonderful," said Jim Pfiffer, Executive Director of Friends of the Chemung River Watershed.
     Organizers are optimistic this first joint community clean up will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.
     "You see all the trash. An hour later, you see the pile of trash and you see how clean it is," said Pfiffer. "You've helped the environment and the community. You feel good about yourself."