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Cornell President Appointed Secretary Of Smithsonian Institiute

Dr. Skorton Named Smithsonian Secretary

      ITHACA---(WENY) The President of Cornell University is excited to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with the Smithsonian Institution in the nation's capital.
      Dr. David Skorton has been named the next secretary of the world's largest museum and research complex, in Washington, DC.
      His last day with Cornell will be June 30, 2015. A search committee will be formed to find his replacement.
     Dr. Skorton told the media, "I'm really excited, I'm just thrilled. To work on the interface between knowledge and creativity on the one hand and the public on the other, was for me, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
     Dr. Skorton still has a year and three months left, during which time he wants to continue working on campus climate.
     He wants to leave behind affordable and accessible education.