C-PP Faculty Talks Merger Concerns

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Merger Talks

November 5, 2013

CORNING -- (WENY)  The transition is beginning in Corning Painted Post School District. In the first of what will be a series of meetings. Parents, staff and students were prepped on what to expect when students come back to school next fall, to their newly merged high school and middle school.
     Michelle Kaufield, Director of Secondary Education, "what we're trying to is alleviate some fears as we build excitement so tonight we focused on transportation and security concerns, but also on our academics and our facilities."      
     It leaves parents wondering if they'll have to get their kids up earlier for school.
     "That's what we're trying to avoid. So we're really trying to work on our system and trying to make that as comfortable as possible so that kids
don't have to get on the bus earlier and they don't have to arrive home earlier in the evening," added Kaufield.
     Another concern, what will happen with extra curricular groups. Sports have been combined for the past three years. But what about the band? Some students are worried if they'll be enough instruments.
     "They're going to have twice the amount of students for that they have now, for students for the instruments, and I was wondering how they'll be able to get all the instruments," said sixth grader Elizabeth Tucker.
     Kaufield says they'll be getting all the instruments from all four schools, so having enough shouldn't be an issue. They'll need those instruments because they're also looking for a new Alma Matter. They announced tonight that they're beginning the search for a new composition.