UPDATE: Elmira Shooting

Elmira Shooting

UPDATE [4/8/2014]

     ELMIRA - [WENY]     According to the Elmira Police Detective Bureau, the shooting was not random, and the shooter and victim knew each other. Police say they have identified both the shooter and the victim, but they are not releasing any names.
     Detectives say they are following up on leads to locate the suspect. Police did not recover a weapon at the scene, and the suspect is still assumed to be armed.



ELMIRA--[WENY]--Police are still searching for the suspect in a shooting in Elmira earlier this evening.

EPD is investigating a shooting on the 400 Block of West 1st Street, it happened a little before 7:00 this evening.

Police say the victim was shot, receiving non life threatening injuries and was taken to an area hospital.

Again, EPD is actively investigating this incident and searching for the suspect

The act was not random, but the suspect is considered armed and dangerous.

WENY will bring you the latest details as we get them in.