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Driver Avoids Potentially Fatal Propane Fire

Propane Fire Could’ve Been Deadly

ERIN (WENY) -- An Ehrhart Propane truck had at least a thousand gallons of oil in it, when the driver saw flames making his regularly scheduled deliveries in the Spencer-Van Etten area. Authorities on scene were able to contain the fire but say with in different conditions, it could have been deadly.
     "Our driver is safe, [so is] the general public, there were no injuries," said Bill Overbaugh, Ehrhart Propane & Oil, General Manager. "All of the safety features on the truck worked properly. Unfortunately, we lost the truck, but fortunately we didn't lose any life. No one was injured and I'm grateful for that."
     Investigators are looking into what caused the eruption.
     "When we got here, the fire had been contained to the cab," said Assistant Chief Barbara Fudge. "The first trucks on scene, Breesport and Erin, made a real good stop. It didn't get to the tank."
      It was active scene authorities warning us not to get too close to those potentially deadly flames. They say they're lucky it wasn't windy.
     "Potentially if the fire had gotten away from us and gotten under the tank there could have been an explosion, but fortunately that didn't happen they made a real good stop," said Asst. Chief Fudge.
     She says the wind was blowing away from the tank.