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Frysinger Trial: Day 4

Written By: Candice Cole
Frysinger Day 4

      BATH---(WENY) The jury heard more conflicting testimony Friday, in day four of the Jordan Frysinger attempted rape case. The Defense called a teacher, a toxicologist and two more party goers to the stand.
     Nicole Walker, who taught history at Corning East High School from 2008 to 2012, was the first to take the stand. She testified that the alleged victim looked fine the next day, May 20, 2012, when she saw her for the Susan G. Komen 5k run in Elmira that the girls lacrosse team participated in.
     Walker said, "She still had prom hair and was wearing jewelry." Walker also said that she didn't appear to be ill or intoxicated, contradicting the alleged victim's testimony that she was still drunk from the night before.
     However, under cross examination, the prosecution really went after her character and credibility, suggesting inappropriate student-teacher communications. It came out that walker may have tried to get witness, Kyle Clarkson, a student at the time, to change his story about what happened that night.
     She denied saying to him, "What do you think about everyone in town honking you're a liar?" However, she did recognize a series of texts she sent him, saying things like:

        "I told you this would happen."

        "Why'd you delete me from twitter."

        and "I'm sorry, I know I'm being a stage 5 clinger, but I love you."

     She also tweeted, "Effin hoes up" on May 22, 2012, just days after the incident. And, she posted on her Facebook, "Snitches get stitches" in June 2012.
     However, she maintained that the combination of texts and social media posts did not have anything to do with the incident on Mayth 19, 2012. She also admitted to being friends with the Frysingers.
     Perhaps the most descriptive and confusing testimony came from party goer Alexys Harrington. She testified that the alleged victim had been drinking, but she seemed fine.
      She said when they first arrived at the lakehouse, Frysinger said to the alleged victim, "We having a threesome tonight? She started giggling and said yea. I thought it was a joke".
     However, under cross examination, it was revealed that Harrington testified in front of a grand jury back in June 2012 that she thought the question about the threesome was serious.|
     She also testified that later in the night, when Fysinger, Hairston and the alleged victim went up to the loft, "she [the alleged victim] was going to sit down, but she pulled her pants and thong off.. Completely off." She then said, "I couldn't believe that it was happening right in front of me. I was like... This is not ok. I helped her find her clothes."
     Other testimony came from Marcus Anderson, completely contradicting Hairston's testimony from Wednesday.
     Hairston testified that Anderson went upstairs to the loft with him, Frysinger, the alleged victim, and Peter Lovecchio, however, Anderson testified that he hadnít seen anything happen in the loft. He said he only went up there to sleep.
     He testified that he never heard any conversation regarding the alleged victim engaging in a 3-way with Frysinger and Hairston, and that he never encouraged either of them to have sex with her.    
     Under cross examination by the prosecution, Anderson told the jury that the statement written up by the NYSP investigator was inaccurate.
     He testified that he told the investigator, "When I went outside to urinate, I saw [her] go up the stairs." However, that statement was not reflected in the investigator's report.
     Closing arguments in this case are expected to be presented on Monday.