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Frysinger Trial: Defense Calls Witnesses

Written By: Candice Cole
Frysinger Day 3

       BATH---(WENY) Defense lawyers began their case today in the Jordan Frysinger attempted rape trial, calling four witnesses to the stand including Frysinger's sister Mallory.
     Today she testified today she drove the alleged victim and two other girls to her family's Keuka Lake house after the prom for a party hosted by her parents.
     She said after they got there, she didn't really have that much interaction with the alleged victim, however she said, "She seemed to be intoxicated, but not anything different from what I've seen her be at other parties before".
     She then said another girl at the party came into the kitchen "screaming and freaking out" and saying something about co-defendant Cedric Hairston.     
     The jury also heard from Frysinger's former teammate, Cody Lucas. He testified that he was asleep in the downstairs bedroom when he was awakened by a girl crying hysterically.
      In court Lucas told the jury, she said "something along the lines of Jordan and Cedric are raping [her]."
     When asked by the defense "Did you believe a rape had occurred?" Lucas answered "No." He also said at no point did he have any conversation with Frysinger or Hairston. directly contradicting Hairston's testimony yesterday, that Frysinger told Lucas "I almost [expletive]-ed a corpse."
     Other witnesses testified that the alleged victim followed Frysinger and Hairston up the spiral staircase, carrying a 30 pack of beer.
      It was also revealed that some, but not all of the people at the party met with the Frysingers in the following days to discuss what happened that night.
      The Defense will call more witnesses tomorrow.