Giant Get Well Card For Officer Augustine

Giant Get Well Card For Officer Augustine

A week after Ithaca Police Officer Anthony Augustine was shot in the line of duty, he is now home recovering and the Cayuga Radio Group along with Ithaca Agway and Cayuga Lumber made a giant get well card for people to sign.

The card is 7-feet tall and over 6- feet wide. it's fitted with a drop box for donations.

Ithaca Mayor, Svante Myrick signed the card this morning at his parking space, turned public park outside city hall.

The mayor says he's grateful to Officer Augustine and to all the people who helped save his life.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick expressed his gratitude saying, "While we thank Officer Augustine, I also want to thank his fellow officers, and IPD, and other agencies who worked quickly to save his life and worked so quickly to get the suspect and get him off the streets. I think it's a testament to how seriously they take their jobs and how good they are at what they do."