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2014 GlassFest Kicks Off

2014 Glassfest Kicks Off

CORNING (WENY) -- It's the start of the Most Fun Summer in America's Most Fun Small Town.
     The 5th annual GlassFest in Corning continues today with a packed schedule of activities happening throughout the Gaffer District.
     "We have things here in Corning that you're not going to find any place else," said Coleen Fabrizi, Executive Director of the Corning Gaffer District. "And I think right now, it's the time people want to make sure they were here for the 5th GlassFest."
     Most Fun Small Town in America and everyone can get a taste of it this weekend.
     With Over 50 different restaurants and several more popping up, Corning is known as one of the best dining destinations in the upstate region.
     "Thanks to all the restaurants and wonderful menus they have to offer and the excellent I think it works out well all the way around," Fabrizi.
     Andrew Cleary just opened up shop in March and business is already booming at Little Boomer's Burrito Bar on Market Street.
     "We just love being here," said Cleary. "And the people seem to love it so it's already a good thing."
     They're preparing for their first ever GlassFest, diving into the Gaffer District culture.
     "Just the exposure and the experience of going out on the street and I mean it's tons and tons of people," Cleary.
     On their menu for this weekend's festivities; Mexican Street tacos.
     Made with all natural and homemade ingredients with a promise it'll be delicious.
     One customer traveled from Bath to satisfy her burrito craving. 
     "I have a chicken burrito with brown rice and beans," said Kelly Beam, Little Boomers customer. "Salsa and some sour cream. It's sometimes messy but always wonderful."
     There are many other events happening during the week. Just go to GlassFest.org.