Gov. Cuomo’s Push for Tourism

Cuomo’s Push for Tourism

CORNING (WENY) -- In January, New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo began his push for tourism in Upstate New York. Now, some of the pieces are coming together.
     "Every year the state of the state announces some things and it all comes down to budgeting and [you wonder], 'will it get implemented?' and we're really glad to see theses dollars have come through for the area," said Peggy Coleman, President, Steuben County Conference and Visitors Bureau.
     The governor's plan-- with a price tag of over $6 million-- aims to help make New York a more popular recreation destination.
     "We want to re-double our tourism efforts. We need the activity in Upstate New York. And with Upstate New York, seeing is believing," said Gov. Cuomo.
     Under his plan 50 new outdoor access projects would connect people like hunters and bird watchers to now- unused state land. Two of which are in Steuben County: Birds Eye Hollow and Moss Hill State Forests and Sanford Lake Recreation Area.
     The project calls for two new informational kiosks and 6 new road pull offs for educational tours at Birdseye Hollow and Moss Hill State Forests. And at Sanford Lake, boat ramps and accessible docks would be built.
    "That will actually open that area up to people who may be wheelchair users or have some mobility challenges," said Coleman. "This way they'll be able to actually go and explore the beauty of the area, do a little fishing."
     The governor's plan also calls for legalizing crossbow hunting once again. This method of hunting makes the sport easier for the elderly and disabled.