Gun Scare at Southside High School

Gun Scare at Southside High School
ELMIRA (WENY) -- Reports of a gunman in the Southside High School had students and parents fearing for their safety and sent the high school into lockdown mode at 9:30am.
     Now three teens face charges.
     According to the Chemung County Sheriff's office, a 14-year-old has been charged with menacing for pointing a gun at another student.
     A 15-year-old is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon by a person under 16. The third student, 16-year-old Devon Torres, will be charged as an adult for menacing.
     Hunter Hansen, a senior at Southside was on his way to school when he received a call from his friend in the building.
     "She called me freaking out, she was like OMG, theres a bunch of cop cars and our school is on lockdown," said Hansen. "I was like why? And she said someone brought a gun in."
     Fortunately,  What was thought to be a gun, was actually an air pistol and no students were injured.
     The Chemung County Sheriff's Office and New York State Police stayed on scene to secure the building.
     Police were able to resolve the situation and the lockdown was lifted around 11:30am.
     Tammy Phillips received a text message from her son about what was happening inside.
     "I texted him and asked him if he was okay and that's why i'm here today because even though it's done and over with , i'm here to pick him up to make sure he is okay," says Phillips.
     Not knowing much about the situation, she was upset that she was not notified by the school.
     "A lot of this has been happening everywhere lately and it's getting ridiculous," says Phillips.
     Investigators say the 16-year-old student, Devon Torres, had pointed the air pistol at a student the day before.
     The two juveniles were in Chemung County Family Court today, Torres was arraigned in the Town of Southport Court.