Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation

Horse Rescue and Rehab

CORNING (WENY) -- Spear 7 Stables in Corning, is buying horses that have been starved and abused and restoring them back to health for adoption.
     Workers at Spear 7 are dedicated to saving the lives of horses.
     When most of them arrived at the stable, they were barely alive. 
     Saved from slaughter houses across the country, these horses found a home in the Southern Tier .
     When they first arrived at Spear 7 rescue and rehab for horses in corning, they were frail and malnourished.
     Victims of animal cruelty.
     "They're bleeding from certain things. They have mange," said Therese White, Horse trainer at Spear 7. "Feet are in really really bad condition that they can't walk. They are just crippled."
     Therese White's family has been involved with horses for generations.
     She says she has seen her fair share of abused horses.
     But when Sweet Pea arrived six weeks ago, Therese was told she was aggressive and dangerous.         
     Sweet Pea is just one of 8 horses, Spear 7 has rehabilitated since opening over a year ago.
     The horse you see here is jasper.
     He was weak and after a few months he was adopted and is now a prize winning horse.
     Jasper's condition was similar to one horse NAMED
     When Prince first got to Spear 7 he was severely malnourished and dehydrated but since he's been here, he gained over 100 pounds and is healthy enough to be adopted.
     "About March, I met Prince, said Carri Smith, who recently adopted Prince. "He was a sweetheart but I wasn't ready. Therese knew we were a good match but I didn't believe her. So I went out looking."
     In February, Carri lost two horses in a tragic accident.
     She's grateful to have found Prince, but knows he has a long way to go.
     "He's still coming. It takes time to get over abuse. It takes time to get over all that stuff," said Smith.
     To adopt, donate or volunteer go to their Facebook: Spear 7 Stables.