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Ithaca Gets Federal Funding For Sidewalk Project

Ithaca Sidewalk Grant

      ITHACA---(WENY) The City of Ithaca will receive federal finding to help keep its pedestrians safe. The money comes as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to modernize New York State's Transportation System.
     The plan to line a 5-way intersection in Ithaca with sidewalks and bike lanes is just one of 63 state-wide projects that will receive federal funding from the New York Department of Transportation.
     The City of Ithaca will get $600,000.00 in federal grant money to build sidewalks, bike lanes, and cross walks where West State street, Seneca Street, and Brindley Streets come together in the city's West End.    
     The sidewalks and bike lanes are set to go along West State Street, between Floral Ave. and Taughannock Blvd. The city will pay 20% of the total cost of the project which is $750,000.00.
     First Ward Alderperson Cynthia Brock, says the project will give safer access to many businesses on the West End of the city. She says, "This will connect the residences, the middle and high school on West Hill, including the waterfront trail, and allow connectivity to the West End and Inlet Island. Providing that asset will be a tremendous value to our community."
     Ithaca City officials hope to get the project up and running this year.