Ithaca Trucking Ideas

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Ithaca Trucking Ideas

     ITHACA - [WENY]     Last month, tragedy struck Ithaca after a tractor trailer slammed into a building, killing 1 person inside. Now, the city is looking at ways to prevent that from happening again. 
     13 different ideas were presented at the Monday night Ithaca Board of Public Works meeting.
     Some of the ideas included adding barriers or berms, adding pull off areas, and changing traffic patterns to name a few. One idea that was brought up, was a complex system of hooks and cables that would catch the axle of a runaway truck, similar to what an aircraft carrier is equipped with. The hook and cable restraint system was dismissed by the board.
     The meeting was just a discussion, and no changes were voted on, or formally proposed. Any comments or suggestions regarding changes or concerns can be forwarded to the Mayor's office.
     Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick said, "We still have months of work ahead of us, but there is a strong commitment here from the staff, the board, and myself, to do everything within our power to keep people on the Commons, and in our downtown safe."