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Jordan Frysinger Trial Begins

Written By: Candice Cole
Frysinger Trial
          BATH---(WENY) The trial is underway in the case against Jordan Frysinger, the former Corning East Football star accused of sexually assaulting an incapacitated teenage girl. The jury heard opening statements and witness accounts on Monday.
     When the court reconvened in the afternoon, the jury heard graphic testimony from a witness who was at the Frysinger's family lake house the night of May 19, 2012.
       Former Corning East Lacrosse Player, Kyle Clarkson, took the stand, telling the jury that everyone had been drinking that night and he and his then-girlfriend had gone upstairs to the loft area around midnight, to go to sleep.
      He said that about an hour and half later, he was awakened by one of the girls in their group yelling at Co-Defendent, Cedric Hairston to get off of the female victim, and saw the girl trying to pull Hairston away.      
     Clarkson testified that he saw Hairston straddling the girl, who was sitting against the wall. He said, "I saw Cedric forcing his penis into the girl's mouth." He also testified that the girl didn't appear to be conscious.
       Clarkson also said that Jordan Frysinger was lying next to Hairston and the girl. He said that Frysinger told Hairston, "Do it for your city."
     Clarkson says he yelled at Hairston to get off of the girl, at which point he said Hairston told him to shut up. Clarkson said he then went down stairs, but didn't physically try to get Hairston off of the girl because he was in a state of shock.
     The victim and Cedric Hairston are expected to take the stand on Wednesday.