Keeping Pets Safe in Freezing Temperatures

Written By: Renata Stiehl
Keeping Pets Safe in Winter

     CHEMUNG CO. (WENY) --  As we reported earlier this week, the body of a black and tan puppy was found in an upside down crate off of Cummings Creek Road in Tioga County, PA.  The Pennsylvania State Police is now conducting a criminal investigation.

     In the meantime, the Chemung Co. SPCA wants to remind people to keep an eye on their pets in these polar temperatures.  They say, bottom line, if it's too cold for people to be outside, it's too cold for pets-- even if they typically stay outside.

     "It's really important not to let pets loose during a snow storm," says Louise Anderson with the SPCA. "When snow covers their landmarks they can lose their way and with dogs they actually lose their scent you know the sort of scent trail that they have if it snows, so they can get lost very easily."

     Anyone with information on the dog found this week is asked to call Wendy Reber at the Wellsboro Animal Care Sanctuary at (570) 724-3687.  People with information can also contact the Pennsylvania State Police.