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Lackawanna Trail Project

Lackawanna Trail

       ELMIRA---(WENY) Things are looking up for Elmira's Lackawanna Trail. The City of Elmira has announced that it will lead the project to expand the trail and make improvements.
     The first step in the process is to conduct an environmental overview of the railroad bridge.
     The plan is to build new railroad ties on the floor of the bridge for decking for safe passage. The Lackawanna Trail starts in Eldridge Park and will eventually connect to Lowman.
     The project will cost around $200,000.00 to complete. $150,000.00 is coming from the state and the rest split equally between the county and city.
      Director of the Elmira Department of Public Works, Brian Beasley said, "This is going to help tie into the Lowman side, which is an additional eight miles, and it'll be good for recreation and biking, walking- a good way to get out."
      Beasley is looking to put the project up for bid in May and hopes to get started on construction by July.