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Latest GM Recalls

Latest GM Recalls

     Back in February, General Motors recalled 2.6 million cars with faulty ignition switch problems that can cause the car to inadvertently turn off. And once engine power is lost, power steering, airbags, and brakes go as well, and it creates a dangerous situation while driving.
     Recall advocates estimate that 165 people have died because of GM ignition switch related problems.
     The February recall also sparked a complete review of the ignition system in other GM models.
     Several other recalls have been issued for other models with similar or different problems. On Monday, GM announced a new recall of more than 7 million vehicles, with some of the cars dating back to 1997.
     Included in the recent recall:

97'-05' Chevrolet Malibu Sedans
98'-02' Oldsmobile Intrigue Sedans
99'-04' Oldsmobile Alero
99'-05' Pontiac Grand Am
00'-05' Chevrolet Impala
00'-05' Chevrolet Monte Carlo
04'-08' Pontiac Grand Prix

     General Motors says they're aware of three deaths, eight injuries, and seven crashes that involved the vehicles included in the latest round of recalls. GM also says that they have no conclusive evidence of faulty ignitions being the cause of those crashes.      
     But for now, GM has set up a recall claims administration to handle victim compensation.