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Local Auto Body Shop Robbed

Written By: Kellie Meyer

Guidi’s Collision Services was broken into overnight Tuesday, the only thing taken was a safe with about $30,000 inside.

Local Auto Body Robbed

June 4, 2014

NEWFIELD (WENY) -- "That's never happened before. I've never been robbed before, so it's that heart sinking feeling."
     That was Carmen Guidi's reaction after hearing his auto body shop was broken into. Guidi's Collision Services on Route 13 in Newfield was robbed late Tuesday night. The person broke through a small window in the garage door and took only one thing - a safe - with $30,000 locked inside.
     "I had a funny suspicion on my way down that the safe was going to be gone and it was," added Guidi.
     Carmen is not only is the owner of the auto body shop, but a major advocate for the homeless, helping countless people get out of Ithaca's homeless encampment known as the Jungle. He built these cottages behind his shop for them to live in. He says that's what some of stolen cash was for.
     "It is sickening. When I heard that I thought no. How? They need to find this guy and find him quick," said Billy Klemon, someone that Carmen helped get out of the Jungle after Billy lived there off and on for 10 years.
     He says he can't believe how this can happen to someone who has done nothing but help others.
     "You gotta have somebody you can trust. Carmen he opens his arms to people and its just sickening that somebody can...it's an inside job somebody had to know where it was at," added Klemon.
     Despite the fact someone broke into this business, Carmen's most worried about the impact on those he's dedicated to helping.
     Carmen said, "it's not about me, it's not about my money, it's about helping these guys that we've been trying to help."
     The Guidi family is offering a thousand dollar reward for the return of the safe with the money inside. Anyone with information can contact Carmen directly at 607-227-6268.