Local Police Get Naloxone Funding

Local Police Get Naloxone Funding
ELMIRA (WENY) -- Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched the Community Overdose Prevention program, otherwise known as "COP" about five weeks ago to make sure every officer has access and training to use Naloxone which instantly reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.
    The COP Program aims to provide law-enforcement agencies across New York with money to buy the kits. Close to forty agencies in thirty different counties ordered over 1,000 kits and they're being reimbursed mostly by money recovered from drug dealers.
     Here in the Southern Tier, the first awards were given out. The Chemung County Sheriff's Office has been approved for funding for 45 kits, valued at $2,700. The Groton Police Department has also been approved for 4 kits valued at $240. Additional applications from agencies in Tompkins and Steuben County are still pending.
     Each kit is valued at approximately 60 dollars and has a shelf life of  about two years.
     "Heroin has become more prevalent," said Chemung County Sheriff Christopher Moss. "And I think just having these kits on the street, if we can save one life, it's going to be worth the investment. And with the state coming up with the grant, so it can assist local law enforcement agencies to purchase these kits I think it's a win/win situation."
      Sheriff Moss says all  38 of his deputies will be trained to use the kits this week. Agencies that still want to apply for the COPS program can apply online until June 3rd.
     Agencies can apply online:
     Here is a FAQ on How to Participate:
    If they have questions they can e-mail