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Local Ukranians Uncertain, Anxious

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Local Ukranians Uncertain, Anxious

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Negotiations are still moving slowly in Ukraine, where government officials are trying to soothe demands in the Crimea peninsula. Meantime, here locally Ukrainians in the Twin Tiers are anxiously watching what's happening.
     Gloria Misnick and Maria L'Amoreaux were both born in the US, but they have several friends and family living in the Ukraine.
     "It's fantastic, the people are like family and they would give you the last thing they had if you needed it," said Gloria Misnick.
     "It's the pearl of the region, the bread basket and we just want it to stay as it is, free," said Maria L'Amoreaux.
     But bloodshed has tainted Gloria and Maria's fondest memories of their motherland. Both women have been in touch now, more than ever, with loved ones in the Ukraine.
     "They are devastated, they do not want communism and they will not stand for it. They fought long and hard, enough is enough," said Misnick.
     Their fears echo thoughts of former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, who today compared Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in Crimea to Adolf Hitler in the 1930's.
     "It's not that the word Russia scares them so much, it's just going back to Communism, they were communist once under the communist rule. It cannot happen again. It scares them to death," said L'Amoreaux.
     Meantime, President Obama's feeling the heat on Capitol Hill once again. House speaker John Boehner saying steps the U-S hasn't  taken over the past few years allowed Putin to take these actions.
     "But given where we are, we are here in a bipartisan way trying to work with The President to strengthen his hand," said Speaker Boehner.
      Misnick is not pleased with President Obama either.
     "He does not make decisions and that's not good he needs to be firm like the Ukrainian people are," said Misnick.
     Meantime, in a meeting today, foreign ministers from around the world agreed they'd rather talk than fight.