LPG Storage Rally

Written By: Nick Quattrini
LPG Storage Rally

     WATKINS GLEN - [WENY]     Opponents of increased LPG storage on Seneca lake rallied at the Watkins Glen Marina, and they marched a list of demands to the Schuyler County building a couple of blocks away.
      North of the rally, on the west side of the lake, is the US Salt complex. Opponents of LPG Storage and Transportation at the US Salt complex say that the environment, and the tourism industry would be hurt.
     Opponents of the facility fear that liquefied petroleum gas stored in salt caverns could possibly leak out and contaminate Seneca Lake, and that would in turn destroy not only a natural feature of the area, but it would also hurt the growing wine business surrounding it.
     Supporters of LPG storage and transportation say that fears over LPG dangers are invalid, and it would be done in a safe manner. Supporters also say the expansion would bring in much needed tax revenue, and create jobs.
fter the rally, people packed into the Schuyler County Building to attend the county legislative meeting, and a list of demands was presented to the legislature by LPG opponents.
     One of the major demands given, was that the Schuyler County Legislature should reverse the a resolution that was in favor of the LPG facility voted on and passed last month. The resolution at the Monday meeting that would have done just that, failed, 3 to 5.

      The DEC still has to complete their review of the storage project before the LPG expansion can move forward.