Near Westside Neighborhood Meeting

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Near Westside Neighborhood Meeting

     ELMIRA - [WENY]     The Near Westside Neighborhood Association had its annual meeting Wednesday night at the Grace Episcopal Church in Elmira. 
     The meeting focused on not only the Near Westside Neighborhood, but the whole city of Elmira. People came out to learn about current and future projects, as well as the chance to share ideas on how the Near Westside Neighborhood Association can better serve the community.
     Also on the table for discussion, is the Ritz-Carriage house on West Church Street, also known as the Richardson-Kennedy House. The association wants rehabilitate the historic property.
     Beth Farr, the Executive Director of the Near Westside Neighborhood Association said, "West Church Street is a main thoroughfare in and out of the city of Elmira, and that house is really kind of an anchor between downtown and the residential community."
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