New Sign Unveiled in Wisner Park

Written By: Renata Stiehl
New Sign at Wisner Park

      ELMIRA, NY (WENY) -- Elmira's Wisner Park has a new decorative sign to cap off a beautification project.
     City workers unveiled the sign Monday, which sits atop a new brick structure that covers up an electrical panel in the downtown park. City councilman Brent Stermer says Buildings and Grounds workers made the sign by hand, using recycled and leftover materials.
    The sign comes as Elmira celebrates its 150th anniversary, and Wisner Park prepares to open its Thursday farmers markets for the summer season.
"The goal is for these steps to be the catalysts for something larger, and our city parks, especially our downtown parks are really a gathering place for many events, people come in, they enjoy lunch here, they and the goal is really to make them better gathering place for the community and city of Elmira," explained Jennifer Herrick of Elmira Downtown Development.
     The new column and sign matches the city's historic Popcorn Truck building, a staple at Wisner Market.