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NY Health Officials "Very Low Risk Of Ebola Virus In US"

NY Health Officials "Very Low Risk Of Ebola Virus"

(WENY) - In the next 6 months, the World Health Organization says 20,000 people could eventually be infected by the Ebola virus and half of those already infected have died. 
     It's the deadliest Ebola outbreak in History.
     But the CDC and local health officials say, Americans have nothing to fear because the risk is here low.
     More than 1500 lives and counting.
     Five countries in West Africa have been exposed to the Ebola virus totaling more than 3,000 cases.   
     But what does that mean to us in the Twin Tiers? 
     Officials at the Chemung County Health Department reassures the risk of infection in the United States is extremely low. 
     "It's not airborne," said Melissa Klossner, Clinical Director at the Chemung County Health Department. "So you really have to touch someone who is infected in order to get the virus yourself."
     Local health officials say they will continue to monitor the Centers For Disease Control's reports on the Ebola virus.
     So far there have been no cases in the US and the CDC has set travel advisories for those traveling to Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal that have seen an outbreak.    
     "The United States as well has precautions in place for those who may be exhibiting symptoms," said Klossner.
     In response to the virus, that could eventually infect 20,000 people according to the World Health Organization, US and British Researchers will begin human testing of the vaccine at the National Institute of Health in Maryland. 
     "We're going to start the study on the vaccine here. Then very soon there after they're going to start in the UK and the UK is then going to use sites that we have in Mali and the Gambia," said Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
     "What we're talking about is a vaccine to give to an uninfected person to help prevent them from getting infected the same way when we were children getting vaccines to protect us from getting infected.," said Dr. Fauci.
     A recent Ebola vaccine called ZMapp was successful in treating monkeys who had the virus.