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Pound for Pound

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Pound for Pound

ELMIRA (WENY) --  For months and months, members at Journey Fitness on College Avenue have trained relentlessly. With every month of hard work: a new fitness challenge.
     "The goal was for every pound of weight that a member's lost, they donate equal amount of food to the food bank," explained Journey Fitness member, Wayne.
     On December 21st, about 90 members marched 1,740 pounds of food to the pantry at the Oakwood United Methodist Church, about half a mile away.
     "For my wife and I, it was 125 pounds of food," said Wayne. "The program here has done wonders for us."
     Thousands of families rely on food pantries during the holiday season. And with the recent federal cuts in Food Stamp Benefits, and possibly more to come, the need is higher.
     "There was a line that wrapped around two blocks of just hundreds of families lined up to come get the food that they needed," said Travis Barnes, owner, Journey Fitness. "So, we were so glad to be a part of that and donate that much needed food."
     Members feel the same way.
     "We're here working out and are able to donate even more weight to the local food drives, so it's two positives that come out of our efforts," said Wayne.