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Public Meeting On Library Proposition

Written By: Candice Cole
Library Proposition

      CORNING---(WENY) The Southeast Steuben County Library in Corning is hoping to get more money to keep its doors open.
     They held a public Information meeting Wednesday, for constituents to answer any questions before next week's upcoming vote.
      The Library is enacting NYS Education Law 259 in hopes of getting a $960,000.00dollar annual property tax levy from tax-payers in the Corning-Painted Post School District.
     The money would cover most of the library's operating expenses, which came to $1.2 million this year.
      To put the additional cost to tax payers into perspective, households valued at $85,000.00would pay $42.50 for the 2015 school tax bill.
     Though some people have raised concerns- like differences in how much each district is paying. And, some people who don't use the library at all, don't feel they should be hit with extra expense.
      However, board members feel confident they'll reach the simple majority they need to get the proposition passed.
     Southeast Steuben County Library Board Member, Jim Sleeth says, "We think it will pass, we're very optimistic and we think the community values the local public library. $960,000.00 is intended to provided stable funding for the library over the next 5 years."