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Rash of Animal Cruelty Cases

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Rash of Animal Cruelty Cases

ELMIRA (WENY) -- Over the past month, at least five cases of animal cruelty have been reported in the Twin Tiers.
     It al started with a dog who was found frozen to death in an upside down crate in Farmington Township at the end of January. State Police in Mansfield charged 27-year-old Matthew Stone with animal cruelty for the dog.
     Then just days later, a five-year-old Doberman named Diesel was found completely malnourished in his Elmira home.
     Next, 35-year-old Hyacinth Stone of Watkins Glen was arrested on January 31 for leaving a dog in a kennel in his own urine and feces.
     This past weekend Elmira Fire Department responded to what they thought was a structure fire, but when they got to the scene, they found this cat was set on fire. Police are still investigating the case.
     And just today, a Mansfield man was charged with animal cruelty because he didn't give several cows access to clean and sanitary shelter.
     "Well, recently we've been hearing a couple of cases of cruelty in the news, so it reminds people to take a look at what's going on in their neighborhoods," said Animal Control Officer Tabatha Brown. "Even if they're not sure what's going on, that's what animal control is for we can go and check it out for you."
      In New York and Pennsylvania, animal cruelty could be a violation, misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity. Diesel is one of the fortunate few, saved before it's too late. He's at the Elmira Animal Shelter, recovering.
     "He's doing a lot better," said Officer Brown. "He's gained another 6 1/2 pounds this week, so he's up to 56 pounds now. He's doing much better, getting excited and getting his pet back. He's feeling a lot better."
     The community has come together to help the dog. Neighbors, customers at the Sand Dollar in Elmira and the Arnot Ogden Operating room have collected and donated money for Diesel's medical expenses.
     The Shelter wants thank everyone for their kind donations for Diesel. They have enough money and supplies for him, but donations are always welcome for other shelter expenses.