Remembering Joel Clawson

Written By: Asha McKenzie
Remembering Joel Clawson

(WENY) -- The community remembers a local radio personality and passionate volunteer.
     Joel Clawson of Sayre, Pennsylvania passed away early Sunday morning.
     He was known for his community service throughout the valley.
     Clawson began his career here at WENY in the early 70s and has been a trailblazer in the business up until his passing.
     The several organizations he volunteered for say his goal was to help everyone he could without asking for anything in return. 
     Clawson lived his life, helping others.
     He was recovering from a heart surgery he had in *mid May* and even then he devoted much of his time volunteering and working  in the Valley up until his death on June 1st.
     "You could go to him with a quick thing and say Joel I gotta have a piece of  copy and thirty seconds later, he'd knock it right out," said John Herrick, former WENY News Director. "And then he would produce it. He was a very incredible person."
     Herrick, first met Clawson back in the 1970s when they worked together at WENY.
     He says clawson was dedicated to his broadcasting career but had a passion for being a support system to those in need.    
     "If you talk to anyone now down in the valley where he ended up, they loved him," said Herrick.  "And think he's the greatest thing in the world because he would go out and work with people and their different organizations."
     Throughout his 74 years, Clawson remained the helping hand everyone knew, touching many throughout the community.
     Bill Millholen met Clawson back in 2005 when he first opened up The Loom in Waverly.
     "He approached us, wanted to know if we needed any assistance in advertising," said Millhollen.
     And from then on they were not only co workers but close friends.
     They spent every tuesday together, discussing business and the purpose of life.
     Millholen says meeting Clawson was a once in a lifetime opportunity, he says he'll never experience again.
     "Yea, I'm going to miss him," said Millhollen. "My whole schedule, my whole life is going to be different."
     A memorial service will be held for Clawson at the Sayre Theatre this Thursday, June 5th at 7 PM.


*Correction from video