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Roof of Home Torn Away by Storm

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Roof of Home Torn Away by Storm

July 14, 2014

TOWN OF READING (WENY) -- Several reports of damage across the area Sunday night.
     The roof of a home in the Town of Reading was completely blown off from what, according to rescue crews, appeared to be a tornado or strong thunder storm. Just before 5:00PM last night the Watkins Glen Fire Department was called to the Town of Reading for reports of serious damage to a structure from a storm. When they arrived the home was heavily damaged, the roof missing.
     Three people were home at the time, rescue crews had to help get them out. All three were uninjured. The home was deemed "unsafe for occupency" by the fire department.
     The National Weather Service has yet to confirm a tornado touched down but will be investigating the incident.