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Sales Tax Concern in the Village of Horseheads

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Sales Tax Concern in the Village of Horseheads

August 29, 2013

VILLAGE OF HORSEHEADS -- (WENY) Concerned people in Horseheads came out to the Village meeting following Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli's restructuring plan. Legislator Tom Sweet came to the meeting to help with any questions. And the people definitely had some.
     "That's a hell of an idea but I wish you would have started it two years ago. Well like I say where are the results," said one audience member.
      Village manager Walt Herbst says they tried to be prepared.
     "We prepared for it in some manner but frankly not as extensive as the actual hit when Sikorsky left and there was no way of predicting that," said Herbst.
      People at the meeting were worried how it will impact villages and towns throughout the county.
     "The five year plan puts Catlin, Veteran, Erin, and probably Van Etten on suicide watch, because they're not going to be able to recover from this," said another audience member.
      But they were able to get their concerns out.
      Another asked, "something's are going to get cut or our taxes are going to go up, if not both. Do you have idea or any prediction for any of us in here so we can prepare ourselves what that increase may be?
     The board plans to bring in a municipal consultant to help them with the restructuring.