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Salt Shortage as Snowstorm Nears

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Salt Shortage as Snowstorm Nears

HORSEHEADS (WENY) -- While many of us are still recovering after last week's snowstorm, several more inches are on the way to put the icing in the cake; reminding Upstate New Yorkers what Winter's really made of.
     "I think we've gotten spoiled on all the warm no snow Winter's we've had over the past few years," said Tom Morris.
     "This Winter I've been freezing my rear end off," said Richard Perez.
      These below zero temperatures aren't just a problem for those eagerly waiting for Spring, it's put a toll on local businesses. Many of them join retailers throughout the country who are dealing with a salt shortage.
     "It's been little frustrating because there's a lot of sale's we're leaving out," said Chad Moore of  Banfield Baker.
     Moore says they ran out of their 8 truckloads of salt last week and probably won't put in another order.
     "If they were to call us up tomorrow, the salt supplier, and say we have a load for you we would probably take it," said Moore. "If it gets much later than a week, we probably won't just because we don't want to sit on that supply all Summer long."
     At the Do It Center in Horseheads they're waiting for another possible shipment  of salt to arrive. Supplies may be running low; however, as Max Bernhard who works there explained, other options to get rid of snow are not.
      "If you use black sheeting, rolled plastic sheeting, lay it down in your driveway and the sun's shining it'll melt under there as well because the black attracts heat," said Bernhard.
     The Do It Center is limiting customers to a maximum of ten 50 pound salt bags. So, Max also suggests using a propane torch, otherwise used to burn weeds, to melt ice instead.
      There are a number of options to get you through this storm as we deal with this salt shortage. If you're really in a pinch  baking soda beet juice work. Whatever you do just make sure to plan ahead because the roads could get messy tomorrow.