Salvation Army Kicks Off for Christmas

Salvation Army Christmas Kick Off

November 16, 2012

     Big Flats (WENY): We've all seen those red kettles outside of our favorite stores this time of year, and that could only mean one thing; The Salvation Army is getting ready for Christmas.
     Christmas Carrolls echoed through the Arnot Mall Friday afternoon as the Salvation Army held its annual Christmas Kettle Kick-off.  The Salvation Army's Ithaca Band, along with representatives from the Elmira, Sayre, and Corning branches were all there to get the word out, encouraging shoppers to make donations.  Major John Haggerty of the Salvation Army in Elmira says, "I've been doing this for 25 years and I'm always so humbled that people come and give these things to us, and we make sure that we give them out to people who need that assistance."
Money collected from the red kettles goes towards feeding families who might otherwise, not eat during the holidays.  The donations also provide Christmas presents for needy children, as well as funds for community projects like local food pantries, and after school programs.
     The Salvation Army in Corning has set a goal of $72,000 thousand this year.  Last year's goal took a big hit, but they're hoping things will fair a little better this year with their team Corning website.  Corning Kettle Coordinator, Barbara O'Brian told us, "We do have the online Red Kettle that people can donate online to the Salvation Army in Corning.It's And people can go on the computer and donate whatever they want."
You can also donate to the Salvation Army anywhere Angel Trees are set up.  And, hosting a toy drive is a great way to give back if you're a local business looking to help out.