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School Tax Decrease Headed to Watkins Glen

Lower School Taxes in Watkins Glen

      WATKINS GLEN (WENY) --  Property owners within the Watkins Glen school district could see a small drop in their school taxes next year.


      The latest numbers from the county director of real property show the assessed value of the village is significantly up, over $24 million.  School district leaders say the actual tax levy is still going up, but the impact on each individual taxpayer is going down.

      Here is how it breaks down:

Tax Information for $100,000 Home
2013-14                                      2014-15
Tax Rate per $1,000                 Tax Rate per $1,000
$12.18                                        $12.07

Tax Information for $100,000 Home
Estimated Tax with Basic STAR
Estimated Tax with Enhanced STAR

      District Superintendent Tom Phillips says if your property assessment hasn't changed from last year, you'll see a slight decrease on next year's tax bill.

     "This is really good news for our taxpayers that we can still sustain our programs even with a loss of state aid. And if you have a STAR exemption and your assessment is staying the same, your actual school taxes will decrease by 11 cents per $1,000 of assessed value," says Phillips.

        Residents within the school district will vote on the proposed $24 million school budget on May 20.