Schumer at Lockheed Martin

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Schumer at Lockheed Martin

     OWEGO - [WENY]      Workers at the Lockheed Martin in Owego were excited after hearing some very good news.
     Senator Schumer addressed the workers on Friday afternoon, saying, "The good news is that there is money in the budgets, significant dollars, for the rescue helicopters. And icing on the cake, there is money in the budget for the Presidential helicopters as well."
     The appropriations bill signed last week, includes $333 Million in funding for combat rescue helicopters. 121 state of the art helicopters will be built in Owego, if Lockheed and Sikorsky win the contract.
     Lockheed and Sikorsky have the only bid for the contract, which would create and maintain around 200 jobs right here in the Twin Tiers.
     Schumer has supported the Combat Recue Helicopter Program, and fought to get more money to replace the outdated fleet.
     "And the argument is to show that we need a new rescue helicopter, it would be a dereliction of our duty to our soldiers not to have one", said Schumer.
     Having a hand with the combat rescue helicopters is great news, but the possibility of building Presidential helicopters is even better. Each contract could potentially bring 200 jobs apiece, giving the local economy a much needed boost this year. 
     Schumer said, "Look, the best knowledge on how to build a Presidential helicopter resides in 2 companies, who competed last time, Sikorsky and Lockheed Martin. Now they are working together on the bid and that is great news."
     Things are looking good so far for the Combat Rescue Helicopter program, and Lockheed Martin could start production as soon as this June.