Shaw Vineyard Begins Bottling

Shaw Vineyard Bottling

      HIMROD---(WENY) It's no secret, grape crops in the Finger Lakes have taken a beating this year with temperatures reaching far below freezing. And so far, spring hasn't been off to a warm start.
     It's been so bad, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has made a number of wineries in the region eligible for federal assistance, including those in Schuyler and Yates counties.
     Steve Shaw, the Owner of Shaw Vineyard says he has seen about 25% crop loss in sturdier varieties like riesling, and close to 70% in the more fragile varietals. He says, "Looking forward to the fall, I think we're going to be a little short, on a couple of the more tender varieties. In particular for me, it's probably going to be a little rough on the merlot and the cabernet sauvignon."
    Luckily, Shaw has still been able to yield a great product from last year's harvest.
     They've already started bottling their best selling pinot grigio, LiBella, and expect to pack upwards of 230 cases a day.
     The process is quite impressive. Shaw Vineyard uses what's called a vacuum filler and stelvin capper to keep the flavor at it's best.
      Director of Sales and Marketing, Steve Shaw Jr. says, "LiBella's going to have some citrus to it, maybe some apple. It's very nice with any kind of grilled chicken dish, a salad, any kind of seafood dish. If spring arrives, then it's perfect. Perfect for spring and summer."
     When it comes to the seasons, it's really the luck of the draw for vinters, but no matter what, the show must go on.
      Steve says, "We're farmers, we're used to bad luck, but we'll come roaring back over the summer, I'm sure."
     You can find Shaw Vineyard's LiBella and other wine varieties through out the region and New York State. They also distribute in New Jersey and Washington, DC.
     Shaw also hopes to be a part of Tioga Downs newly announced Farm to Table program this summer.