Slow Start For Maple Season

Maple Season Off To A Slow Start


     VAN ETTEN (WENY) -- It's been a pretty slow start to Maple Season, but the trees are ready. The sap is tapped from the trees in a sugar house,  where the syrup is made.
     "The sap is not very sweet, maybe 2% sugar. Maybe not even  that high," says Steve Childs a New York State Maple Specialist with Cornell University. "In the sugar house, we concentrate that sap down into syrup. Syrup is a lot      sweeter and it's 66% Sugar."
     But before the sap can be tapped the temperature needs to be just right.
     Cathy Coats, the Arnot Forest Supervisor says she hasn't gotten much this season from the trees because of the cold weather. She's waiting on Mother Nature to give her those perfect days.
     "Usually, we're boiling everynight. By this time of year, we're almost done," says Coats. "We haven't even begun, I mean this is not a big one. Not sure what's going on. we're hoping for a bigger run tomorrow."
     The cold weather may have effected the trees but it didn't effect Maple Weekend.The local community came out in numbers.
     "We put a 1000 people through on saturday, says Coats. "Another 700 people went through on Sunday, which broke our record."
     Childs says that Maple Weekend is a great time for the family.
     "One of the nice things about Maple Weekend is, it's a nice fun thing for a family to do," says Childs. "It doesn't cost and it gets you out of the house when your options aren't that great."