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State of Emergency in Ithaca

State of Emergency in Ithaca

ITHACA (WENY) -- Things look a lot different on Dey Street today, compared to yesterday. For one, cars can actually get by after water flooded the street due to an ice jam in Cascadilla Creek.
     Many families were left with little choice, but to leave their homes after water started seeping into their homes.
     "I came back at about 10 in the evening and it was nothing but sheer ice," said Brian Wilson.
      His furnace works after some water damage, unlike his neighbor Paul Davis, who had waist-high water in his basement yesterday. The clean up is going to be extensive for many.
     That's why JP Vico, owner of Circus Truck is lending a helping hand, giving neighbors impacted by flooding free hot meals.
     "I mean this thing's here because it has community support," said Vico. "Sometimes you do things that are nice to try and help other people out."
     He said he would help people his neighbors out tomorrow too.
      Ice chunks on Cascadilla Creek are still a concern today. Crews were still on scene trying to clear the creek. They  cleared the jammed ice around 8:00 Monday night, but more ice formed overnight.
     Dey street is clear; however, additional jams caused flooding on First Street, Monroe Street, Madison Street, and Hancock Street.
      Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick has declared a local State of Emergency for the purpose of securing outside resources, if needed.
     "We hope that at this point we have enough ice removed that will cause a relief channel to be developed, so the water has some place to go," said Cliff Murphy, Ithaca Street Supervisor.
      And for people like Brian Wilson this weekend's warmer temperatures bring even bigger concerns.
     "My back yard is pure ice right now," said Wilson. "There's no where for it to go when it melts except in our basements again."
     Most of the people living on Dey Street have heat once again. Plumbers were at a few houses as well. People are trying to get things back to normal and prepare as best as they can.
      The cityu has been in contact with the National Weather Service to prepare for the warm up and rain to come this weekend.

According to the Mayor:
The 100-300 Blocks of First Street are closed to traffic and parking is prohibited until further notice

The following blocks are open but parking is prohibited until further notice
    - 400 Block of Adams Street
    - 100-200 Blocks of Madison Street
    - 200-600 Blocks of Willow Avenue