"Think Before You Drink" Prom Campaign

Written By: Asha McKenzie
"Think Before You Drink" Prom Campaign

     CHEMUNG COUNTY (WENY) -- It's prom season. Don't forget your tux, dress, flowers and... Not to drink and drive.
     That's the message that 'Trinity of Chemung County' is pushing to local high school seniors using these little blue cards.
     Christine Nightingale, Prevention Supervisor says that she wants the message to reach all juniors and seniors in the area.
     "We have little cards that are the size of business cards that we have given out to area florest and tuxedo and dress shops," says Nightingale.
     The cards say "HAVE A DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE PROM". It's a reminder to students that it's better to be safe than sorry.
     Horseheads' Mayor Don Zeigler says that Prom is big deal in this area.
     "The high school seniors are going to dances, coming out to party," says Zeigler. "For me, I've seen a lot and it's been dangerous."
     His shop, 'Zeigler Florist' has participated in the "Think Before You Drink" campaign since it started four years ago. 
     "We're the last effort to remind them to drive safe as we they open their corsage up to give to their date," says Zeigler. "There's a card from 'Trinity' that says, Don't drink. Don't drive. Drive safe. Have a good safe night."  
     Workers at 'Bonjulie's' Dress Shop says it's a card students don't expect to get with their prom purchase.
     "They are taken back a little bit like "whaT?," says Bonnie Blide, co- owner of Bonjulie's. "I'm like I know you weren't expecting that from me. You were probably expecting, I want your tux back on Tuesday."
     Blide says any extra reminder is important. She wants all students to have memorable, but safe night.
     "Enjoy the prom, enjoy the dancing. When do you get to go out?," says Blide. "A night with all of your friends like that, with music and dancing? Don't ruin it by drinking."