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Tioga Downs ’Farm To Table’ Program

Farm to Table

      NICHOLS---(WENY) Tioga Downs is starting a new "Farm to Table" program, the goal is to give a boost to the local agricultural industry.
     It's an initiative to put New York farmers on the forefront by using and promoting locally grown foods and products.
     During a press conference, Bill French, the Senior Director of Food and Beverage services at the Downs said the racino will serve more locally grown meats and produce at it's buffet.
     They'll be working with New York vendors like Ginsberg Foods from Hudson, New York.
     They'll also feature New York craft beers and plan to expand their wine list to include more wines from the Finger Lakes region.
     And every year, Tioga Downs hosts a racing promotion called 'Corntastic', where they buy over a ton of corn from local farmers and hold shucking and corn eating contests.
     Tioga Downs will also be featuring a summer farmer's market to bring more local business to New York Farmers.
      Kevin Frisbie, President of the Tioga County Farm Bureau says, "We think it's exciting that Tioga Downs will create a Farmer's Market here that people in Tioga County can grow. Even if it's just a half acre of strawberries or pumkins and some young kid out of high school wants to get his hands dirty and try to grow that, it gives him a great market here locally."
     Kevin Frisbie also says it's a great way for people to see who actually grows and raises the food they consume.