Unfunded Mandates

Written By: Nick Quattrini
Unfunded Mandates

     CORNING - [WENY]     The "Let NY Work" coalition says that unfunded mandates are the primary cause of New York having the highest property taxes in the country.
     Local municipalities across New York State say they've been forced to raise taxes or make cuts due to the pressure of unfunded state mandates. That's when the state orders local governments to do something, at their own cost, without state aid. Oftentimes, that means that cost is passed down to taxpayers in the form of tax hikes, or delays in things like road repairs.
     Brian Sampson, the Executive Director of Unshackle Upstate says that after nothing is left to cut, jobs are the next thing on the chopping block.
     Local and statewide leaders came together at Centerway Square on Monday to push for mandate relief. The public forum also gave a voice to the "Let NY Work" coalition to make lawmakers in Albany aware that they are unhappy of the lack of mandate relief before the close of the legislative session.
     Corning Mayor Richard Negri says the City of Corning suffered several cutbacks because of unfunded mandates.
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