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UPDATE: Human Remains Identified

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
UPDATE: Human Remains Identified

TROY (WENY) -- It was more than three years ago when Vinnie Little walked out of his Elmira home on North Main Street and into the night. Now, he's been found after skeletal remains found more than ten miles away were positively identified.
     "He was discovered not too far from the river. He was in an area that is common to flood when the river exceeds its normal level," said Thomas Carman, Bradford County Coroner.
      Little suffered from a mental illness and his mother says he only took 28 days worth of medications with him, wherever he was going that night in 2010. It wasn't until March of this year his remains were found on the banks of the Chemung River.
      "There were some individuals who were working in [the] particular area of which the skeletal remains discovered and they stumbled upon them at which time they notified the police department," said Carman.
      Police used dental and DNA records to positively identify Little.
     While the family waits to learn more about the circumstances, they now have closure knowing Vinnie was found.
     "The family has been notified," said Carman. "I personally have spoken  and they now have some closure and I think that's the best situation out of a horrific situation."
     We did speak with Vinnie's mother, Elva and she didn't want to comment today. She's waiting to see what else comes out of the investigation.