VA Scandal Has VFW Members Outraged

VA Scandal Has  VFW Members Outraged

ELMIRA (WENY) -- President Obama addressed the nation earlier this morning stating his administration will be investigating a Western hospital's Veteran Care access that may have caused the death of a number of veterans.
     Administrators at the VA in Phoenix, reportedly created a secret waiting list to cover up long wait times.
     As a result, at least 40 Veterans died before receiving care.
     Veterans in the community say what happened at the VA in Phoenix isn't right and something needs to be done to better protect and care for those who served.
     "Even in Bath, you have to wait a long time to see a doctor because there isn't that many," said Nancy Bush, VFW member and Elmira Heights resident.
     When Bush learned that 40 U-S veteran deaths were due to a reported secret waiting list to cover up long wait times at the Phoenix VA she was not surprised.
     She says someone needed to answer to the offense, especially when our nation's vets have to wait to see doctors, including here at home.
     "They're waiting weeks and a lot of these veterans are WWII and Korean, said Bush. "They're in their 70's, 80s, 90s. They can't be waiting weeks to see a doctor. They need help now."
     WENY spoke with Acting Chief of Staff Doctor Manish Sahni from the Bath VA.
     He says access to Veteran Care is their number one priority and encourages veterans to use their facilities.
     Congressman Tom Reed says when he heard about the incident out west he called Bath VA director Michael Schwartz immediately.
     "He personally assured me that these types of shenanigans are not happening and we have a dedicated staff attending to Veteran Issues," said Congressman Reed.