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Vacant Property Problems in Corning

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Vacant Property Problems in Corning

December 2, 2013

CITY OF CORNING -- (WENY) "We want to make a Corning a better place to live? I heard that a couple times tonight. This is one way," said Councilman Frank Coccho in a regular Corning City Council meeting Monday night.
Coccho came into Monday nights meeting ready to pass a resolution. He was asking Code Committee to prepare legislation requiring vacant buildings to be secured, in light of what happened in November. When a body was found in a cupboard inside an abandoned home on Pine Street.
"I believe these buildings are left vacated and numerous things could happen.
Kids could have parties, you could have meth labs, you could have homeless people hanging out trying to keep warm, starting fires to keep warm, building could go on fire. There could be crime there could be murders and I believe it behooves us to do what we can to discourage that.
Mayor Rich Negri said this is already a law.But enforcement is the issue.
"The law is there, it's the implementation that may be the problem," said Mayor Negri.
So now the question is, what will they do to secure these properties?Are the owners being held accountable?
"The owners of particular vacant buildings are contacted to make sure the building is secure. Sometimes we can't find the owner and that's when we do it," he added.
Kevin Reilly lives across the street from the home where the body was found.He says people have been breaking in for years.And it needs to stop.
"Unfortunately I've seen this situation go on for a few years so it's frustrating. You know I have a family. My father's older, lives around the corner. You know there's some safety issues here. It's something that I think needs to be taken care of," said Reilly.
Reilly hopes the city comes up with more strict enforcement for the owners of these vacant homes to protect his family and others in the neighborhood.