Village of Horseheads Passes Gun Motion

Written By: Kellie Meyer
Village of Horseheads Passes Gun Motion

July 11, 2013

HORSEHEADS -- (WENY) A controversial motion was passed by the Village of Horseheads last month under the nose of the public. The motion allows Village board members to freely carry firearms on village premises. Neither Trustee Skrosknik or the public were happy with the changes.
     Village board member Mike Skroskznik was absent the day the special meeting was held. When we here at WENY-HD received notice of the meeting, but it was only regarding the justice court audit report. There was no mention of the firearms motion. Others felt the same way. Pat Gross of Horseheads said,
     "I knew nothing about the add on I came to the meeting at the following meeting after the 20th."
     The board passed a motion, revising the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct will now allow Village Board Members and the Village Manager to carry
a firearm on village premises. During the July 11 meeting, Trustee Skroskznik asked to recall this motion. Skroskznik questioned, "they just abolished two police
officers positions they just pulled out the school resource officer from Horseheads high school, but they feel the need to carry firearms in village hall?"
     Village Manager Walt Herbst says many of their board members are hunters and the change will allow them to have their hunting knife or firearm without
violating any policy. "Now with this change, if they come in they've come home from deer hunting they park their truck in the parking lot that's not a violation."
     Herbst says they've been talking about this for some time and that it wasn't just added in last minute. But it was not on the agenda we received. When asked about that Walt Herbst explained, "you're right it was not on the agenda for that date, but what I'm saying is that we typically had adds on to the agenda so that's not unusual at all."
     But Trustee Skroznik says this wasn't an add on, yet it was a motion. Which he says violates their opening meeting policy. "So that means it was for a one topic item. And that one topic item was for the justices audit report so
they can send it to the comptrollers office but the motion was made."
     Skroskznik tells us he might be forced to take this issue to court. And then let a judge decide to recall that motion or not. Until then, the motion stands.