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Alice Trappler’s Father Testifies

Written By: Tanja Rekhi
Alice Trappler’s Father Testifies

WATKINS GLEN -- [WENY] Alice Trappler frequently called her parents from jail and had seemed worried before the trial. We haven't heard from Alice Trappler since she was arrested and accused of masterminding Daniel Bennet's murder last year.
     Today, we heard some phone conversations and Trappler's father, Joe Trappler, took the stand. Joe Trappler was labeled a hostile witness because he refused to speak to police on a second interview and did not come to district Attorney, Joe Fazzary's office for a pre trial meeting as requested.
     Fazzary experienced some difficulty getting Joe Trappler to answer questions. He winked and blew kisses to his daughter from the witness stand, and patted Alice on the back when he stepped down.
     Before the murder of Daniel Bennett, Trappler's father offered to buy her a shot gun saying "my suggestion was, being pregnant she needed to have some sort of security with her."
     She didn't need that gun though because her lover at the time, Brett Bacon, already gave her one.
     The prosecution played Phone calls from Trappler in jail to her parents. In those calls, Trappler pleads with her parents to get in touch with Bacon, saying "I can't stress to you enough how much a calm down visit is needed to that person. It could be my demise if that doesn't happen."
     Court documents show the gun Bacon bought for her was labeled as the murder weapon.
     Defense Attorney Susan Betzjitomir says Alice will explain those conversations when she takes the stand.
   Betzjitomir says, "When you hear what she has to say about why she was so frantic to talk to him, I mean anybody who puts themselves in that situation, anybody who's boyfriend had given them a gun, that might be a murder weapon that, oh by what you're accused of would be frantic to talk to their boyfriend."
     The defense starts it's case tomorrow morning and we're told Alice Trappler will take the stand on Friday.