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American Beer Week Begins Today

American Beer Week Begins Today
(WENY) -- American Craft Beer Week begins today and the industry is booming.
     Events are happening across the country to celebrate locally made beer.
     Craft Breweries are a driving force here in New York State -
     According to the Brewers Association Craft Beer made up 8-percent of the beer market in 2013, with an estimated retail value over 14-billion dollars.
     In recent years, 25-hundred Breweries have popped up in the U-S.
     "This is the next big part of our tourism here in  New York State and it's growing by leaps and bounds," said Ken Mortensen of Upstate Brewing in Horseheads. "So, I think it's good that we recognize what we're doing"
     Five New York Brewing companies made it on the Brewers Association's Top 50 Brewing Companies.