Avoca Man Hunt

The search for a man, who witnesses say is armed, goes on into the night. The search for 19 year old Tyler Davis began early this afternoon

Avoca Man Hunt

October 2, 2012

Avoca (WENY) - The search for a man, who witnesses say is armed, goes on into the night. The search for 19 year old Tyler Davis began early this afternoon. A faculty member spotted the stolen car Davis was reportedly driving in a cemetery behind the Avoca Central School building. The superintendent ordered the schools locked down, keeping students and faculty for 2 hours past the normal dismissal time while police started their search. Parents were not told much, only a phone call letting them know the school was in lock down. After hours of searching the suspect is still on the loose. Parent Vicy Johnson was working while police cars were driving down the street.

      “First we saw a lot of police flying through town. I work right in the middle of the village and a while after that we got the phone call from school about our children and it is a little alarming when they say they're under lock down.”

     Vicky's son, Craig, is a 10th grader at the Avoca Central School. After police informed the District Superintendent followed emergency procedure and locked down the school, when police told him about a suspicious person in the area. Students couldn't use their cell phones to tell their parents what was going on.

     “It's understandable but I would have liked to contact my mom to let her know what was going on or how long I might be.” says Craig.”But I understand it could be leads to the person run.”

     The school Superintendent Richard Yochem says not having students calling parents gets a clear message out to the community.

     “We've found that if we have a bunch of phone calls going out to parents that the message gets blurred and parents don't really know whats going on because kids don't know whats going on.”

     What was really going on was a massive man hunt. A Faculty member reported seeing a car in the cemetery behind the school. Police determined it was a stolen car from Wayne County. The Suspect, Tyler Davis, grew up in the area and police say he knows the surrounding woods. They also said he could be armed with a stolen gun. State police helicopter circled the area near Route 7 and Route 105 just north of the Village of Avoca. The suspect's family was on scene working with search crews. The helicopter pilot gave up the search when it started to get dark. Investigators are using thermal imaging scopes as they continue the search into the night. Police say that the people in the area should lock their cars and doors tonight. If you see anything suspicious call 911 as soon as possible.